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Minim Pemahaman, CSR Perusahaan ASEAN Masih Cari Untung

By Riva Dessthania Suastha, CNN Indonesia

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Singapura, CNN Indonesia -- Sebagian perusahaan yang beroperasi di Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapura dan Thailand dinilai memiliki motif mencari keuntungan dalam praktik tanggung jawab sosialnya, dan bukan menjadi inti operasi perusahaan.

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ASEAN CSR Network has Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) with the following organisations.

Endorser Logo solid blue RGB ASEAN CSR Network is a signatory of UNGC's 10 Principles. We encourage and assist companies based in ASEAN embrace, support, and enact a set core principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption.
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Both CSR Europe and ASEAN CSR Network had committed to identify and develop joint projects in different areas of sustainability development and priority will be given to roll out Enterprise 2020. This intiative addressses sustainabiility issues and calls on businesses and governments to work together to take action on employability, inclusion, develop and implement new sustainable production methods as well as place transparency and respect for human rights at the heart of business conduct.



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Both Oxfam and ASEAN CSR Network will work together to influence regional and national level practices, policies on responsible business and investments, particularly on social issues that affect the most marginalised population in terms of land rights, natural resource management, food security, women's economic empowerment, human rigthts protection, and business integrity and transparency.


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With the MOU between both parties, ACN and TI-S sigfnify their commitment to work together to develop and deliver activities that are aligned to the agendas and thematic areas of concerns. An overall framework for cooperation will be established in order to advance business integrity in ASEAN through collaborative research initiatives and fundraising.

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This MOU builds on the strengths of ACN and RWI and intends to further consolidate the partnership between the two organisations. ACN and RWI strive to cooperate in the following areas:

  • Organising and conducting training courses and/or dialogues in the ASEAN region with focus on private sector actors, in particular on human rights, business and environment based on UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights;
  • Collaborating in conducting research, with regards to corporations, human rights and environment in ASEAN, or as elsewhere relevant; and
  • Conducting mutual consultancies, where relevant, based on the networks, expertise and comparative advantages of the two organisations.




    Past and Current Supporting Partners

    These are the partners that ASEAN CSR Network has worked with in the past or are working with currently.

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    DChain BrandsForGood    



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    SINGAPORE, Reporting ASEAN (31 August 2016)– Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate governance are far from new, but they are now becoming norms that merit companies’ investment in and disclosure about them, deeper study by research institutions and their teaching in business schools in Southeast Asia and beyond.