Vision, Mission & Who We Are



A responsible business community that makes ASEAN a better place to live for all


To promote and enable responsible business conduct in ASEAN to achieve sustainable, equitable and inclusive social, environmental and economic development

We Are

A regional network of CSR networks

A platform for networking, exchange of best practices and facilitating peer-to-peer discussions at the regional level

A repository of ASEAN knowledge on CSR through case studies and conduct and/or being the focal point of relevant research on the practice of CSR in the ASEAN context

A capacity builder by engaging participants in more formal teaching and training approaches alongside adoption of common standards and benchmarking on CSR implementation

An advocate for CSR by engaging participants in information, education and communications campaigns that promote the practice of CSR, and at times, providing representation for the business community to the ASEAN body and other inter-governmental agencies or think tanks on relevant policy issues concerning CSR

Our logo

Six founding organisations – from five of the 10 ASEAN members-states plus the ASEAN Foundation – signed off on the Network’s framework and have agreed to work together for the advancement of CSR in ASEAN. A short-term priority of the Network is to achieve representation in all 10 ASEAN-member countries, as well as expanding participation in each country. Since its inception, chambers in Vietnam and Myanmar have joined the Network, expanding representation to seven out of 10 ASEAN member-states. 

Hence, each of the red 'waves' on the top left represents the 5 ASEAN member states that came on board in the earlier days and the grey coloured 'waves' on the right are the other 5 ASEAN member states, out of which 2 had since joined us and we are looking forward the participation of the other 3 states. 

The 'waves' can also be interpreted as 'fingers'. All the 10 fingers coming together, to form two hands. Both hands are 'holding' CSR. This symbolises the close and harmonious relationship in embracing corporate social responsibility together.