ISEAS Perspectives: Trade Facilitation Synergies between WTO and ASEAN Initiatives

perspective 48

This article discusses the following:

1) Simplifying and streamlining trade processes reduces trade costs and increases the potential for trade especially in developing countries.

2) The WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement and ASEAN’s trade facilitation measures both seek to improve trade processes among member states. While the TFA focuses on customs processes, ASEAN’s measures are broader in coverage.

3) The ASEAN Trade Repository, ASEAN Single Window and ASEAN Customs Transit System will benefit from a commitment by ASEAN member states to implement similar measures in the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.  ASEAN member states can utilize the assistance and support of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement in the implementation of their ASEAN commitments.

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Analysis of Corruption Risks for Investors in Vietnam by VBF Governance & Integrity Working Group

analysis of corruption risk

This study looks at the risk of corruption in Vietnam, particularly in the private sector where the gifting of gifts, entertainment and other such exchanges have proven to be a difficult grey area to navigate given the competitive disadvantages companies often encounter when attempting to follow ethical guidelines that conflict with local cultural expectations.

This report was done primarily through high profile bi-annual Forums between the business community and Vietnamese leadership and through specialized Working Groups cutting across sectors.

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Tackling Integrity Risks in Government Contracts

tackling integrity risks

This Guidebook is designed as a practical methodology to help countries diagnose integrity risks in the public procurement system and processes, as well as to indicate proper actions to mitigate them. In addition, the Guidebook is designed to help governments in the region upgrade their procurement systems during the Second Review Cycle of the UN Convention against Corruption (2017-2021).

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Multinationals as global institution: Power, authority and relative autonomy

REGO large This article aims to inform the long-standing and unresolved debate between voluntary corporate social responsibility and initiatives to impose binding legal obligations on multinational enterprises.