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The ASEAN CSR Network has a mandate to promote and enable responsible business conduct in ASEAN in support of sustainable, equitable and inclusive economic and socio-economic development.

We therefore bring you the ASEAN Next-Gen CSR Forum as part of an intensive "CSR Week" from 3 to 7 February in Bali to take stock of achievements and work to chart the way forward.

With the theme, Breakthroughs for Inclusive & Sustainable Growth in ASEAN post-2015, we appraise the role of business and discuss CSR implementation challenges for the private sector and its partners. Corruption, sustainable agriculture, natural resource management, enabling local environments and human rights are among the topical subjects to be addressed.

It is equally important for us that attendees have the opportunity to discover innovative approaches, share insights, and generate ideas and new partnerships. In addition, while learning from the experts, we look to identify concrete strategies to spur the development of CSR in ASEAN beyond 2015.

What to expect?

  • Five-day programme to provide best practices, tools and solutions
  • Exclusive perspectives from leading thinkers on important trends
  • Diverse viewpoints from key stakeholders in the private and public sectors
  • Opportunity for you to actively participate in high-level dialogues and interactive workshops
  • Grow your ASEAN CSR network

Who should attend?

  • Business leaders
  • CSR & sustainability managers & team members
  • International & regional development experts
  • Policymakers & regulators
  • NGOs, academia and civil society leaders

Organisers & Supporters

• ASEAN CSR Network
• Government of Canada
• ASEAN Foundation
• Government of Sweden
• See Sponsors & Partners link to view our private & public sector supporters