Small Grants Fund Highlight: Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta


 Lessons learnt through Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta on the ACN Small Grants Fund

THREE TAKEAWAY LESSONS from Indonesian group, Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta, on its work on CSR:

  • Communications is Key
    • The secretariat focus was especially among stakeholders, to help all understand the CSR Coordination Forumaa
  • People matter. Relationship-building is important.
    • YTS learnt that people do not want to be treated simply as a ‘target group’. They wantto feel that they matter. They would like to be seen as being part of a community that cares about CSR.. It’s about building relationships and giving people something tangible based on their needs and circumstances
  • Pick Up Skills on Making Presentations
    • People want more  practice to prepare presentations  to make sure that all significant points, they wish to share, are properly covered.

agency head

Through this learning journey on CSR, YTS has also built a reputation as an NGO focusing on strengthening governance and sustainable community development in areas affected by extractive industries. It has been asked by the government to be the supporting organisation to support and strengthen the CCF through its expertise on capacity-building. They are keen to improve their performance and demonstrate real change in the practice of CSR in the district. A better understanding of good CSR practices is essential before making key policy decisions. YTS intends to continue working in all three sectors – community, company, government – to help improve perceptions, attitudes and understanding of all key stakeholders.

How did YTS’ journey begin? They had applied for the Small Grants Fund to strengthen their work on CSR. The following are the details:

Project Title: Strengthening CSR Coordination Forum in Gunung Mas District

Purpose: The project aimed to provide a framework for better management of a CSR Coordination Forum (CCF), in terms of strengthening stakeholders’ engagement on CSR issues and implementing checks and balances practices on CSR contributions, to the achievement ofspecific development objectives. This would mean better outcomes for poor people in terms of health, education, natural resource management, and livelihoods.

Short Project Summary: In 2015 ACN,through the Small Grants Fund, provided funding for a CSR Study and for Policy Advocacy in the Gunung Mas District. This study achieved positive responses from all stakeholder groups - government, companies, and communities, providing recommendations on good policies and guidelines for implementing the District Regulation on CSR (Perda CSR). The regulation andpolicies will ensure that extractive companies fullfil their CSR obligations and contribute to equitable and sustainable development. The results weregreater than expected, asYTS were also able to provide recommendations for revising the Perda itself. The study therefore, was very useful for improving wider district policy.

Post Project Report:

All planned activities were completed by the middle of May 2017.

The development of the CSR Coordination Forum initiative, started up towards the end of 2016,, and there is now, an approved design for the Forum, which is part of the CSR governance agenda in Gunung Mas. The two Forum-sponsored events have clearly demonstrated the need for this kind of communication mechanism to exist in order to bring all related parties together to build a better understanding of issues and to take serious steps to create an environment that will be conducive and supportive for developing a unified approach to the development and application of good CSR policies and programming in the district. Project support has been very instrumental in facilitating this outcome for YTS.

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