Regional Workshop on Business & Human Rights - Session 6

Session 6: Exploring effective responses: Dialogue with civil society organisations, indegenous people groups and trade unions                                                    

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Key takeaways: 

  • Panel proposed to develop hard laws with relation to business and human rights. This will put in place compulsory measures based on due diligence, addressing the extent to which we have a fully fledged, legally binding instrument.
  • Overall consensus on National Action Plans is that they are not enough. Guidelines must be developed for a country's own national development with respect to the work of CSOs and Trade unions. An agreement that would not export harm to neighbours - likewise inviting harm to the nation.
  • Human Rights remains a scary word in many developing ASEAN countries but it is important to start a dialouge with governments to see it achieved.
  • There are lots of differences between the 10 ASEAN states, making a bar for comparison difficult. Therefore, NAPs should be developed step by step.