Sustainability reporting positively related to company's market value, study shows

Published in a leading academic journal on sustainability by MDPI, the study asserts the positive relation between sustainability reporting and a firm's market value as measured by stock prices. It was led by the Director of NUS Business School's CGIO, Prof. Lawrence Loh, and co-written by the CEO of ACN, Mr. Thomas Thomas, and researcher of CGIO, Ms. Yu Wang.

Entitled "Sustainability Reporting and Firm Value: Evidence from Singapore-Listed Companies", the authors assert that there the positive relation between sustainability reporting and a company‚Äôs market value as measured by stock pricess are independent of sector or firm status such as government-linked companies and family businesses.

The analysis was based on a holistic measurement of sustainability, using a more representative sample of all mainboard-listed companies on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). They also utilized the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a well-known practice tool that provides a common ground for sustainability reporting.

The paper can be accessed here: