MOU with Transparency International signed

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between ACN and Berlin-based NGO, Transparency International e.V. Secretariat (TI-S).

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Established in 1993, TI-S is a global non-governmental organization that focuses on increasing government accountability and on anti-corruption efforts through the involvement of the state, civil society, and the private sector.

With the MOU between both parties, ACN and TI-S sigfnify their commitment to work together to develop and deliver activities that are aligned to the agendas and thematic areas of concerns. An overall framework for cooperation will be established in order to advance business integrity in ASEAN through collaborative research initiatives and fundraising.

The MOU was signed by ACN's CEO Mr. Thomas Thomas, and by TI-S's Internal Managing Director Mr. Robin Hodess in October 2017.