Regional blended learning course on Human rights and Environment in the framework of Agenda 2030: Introductory workshop 17-21 July 2017

A 3 month training programme kicks off in Jakarta for around 30 participants from the judiciary, National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) and business community, on the link between human rights and environmental protection. ACN is supporting the Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI) for this course, which features 1 week of classroom sessions in Jakarta, followed by online modules.

As problems such as climate change present threats to all types of human rights, it is crucial for practitioners to be well-versed in applying human rights law/approaches to environmental problems. Class discussions surround topics such as international human rights law, human rights principles in the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals, and group rights for women, indigenous groups and others. The course is part of a 3-year programme for human rights and the environment, funded by the Government of Sweden.