ACN partners with Shift for "The Valuing Respect Project"

The ASEAN CSR Network is a proud partner of Shift on its recently launched initiative called "The Valuing Respect Project: Developing Better Ways to Measure Business Respect for Human Rights." It is a collaborative project that aims to develop better ways of using information, metrics and indicators to evaluate business respect for human rights.

 Co-supported by the Centre for Human Rights at the University of Pretoria in South Africa and the Polish Institute for Human Rights and Business, the project's goal is "to support everyone, including investors, civil society, business leaders and policy makers, to use metrics and indicators in ways that effectively drive business respect for human rights and make a real, positive difference to people‚Äôs lives."

This initiative is funded by the Humanity United and Norges Bank Investment Management.

To learn more about The Valuing Respect Project, click here.

Read a blog post about the initiative by Caroline Rees, Shift's President and Co-Founder, here.

For more information about Shift, please visit their website.