Business Integrity

Integrity Has No Borders is an advocacy campaign by the ASEAN CSR Network in partnership with the Regional Working Group on Business Integrity in ASEAN (Working Group) that aims to create an enabling environment for companies to say “No” to corruption and bribery, regardless of where they are in ASEAN.


This is based on the belief that business integrity and anti-corruption are key pillars in realising a sustainable, equitable, competitive and inclusive ASEAN.

When businesses choose to embrace integrity as a part of their corporate culture, they become exemplars of best business practices for achieving success by adhering to the highest ethical standards. By encouraging businesses all over the region to take a stand against corruption and put integrity in the forefront of their corporate values, the ASEAN business community can collectively dispel the myth that corruption is part of the regional business culture, thus fostering an environment that encourages fair competition, positive development, and inclusive growth.

The Working Group is an initiative of the ASEAN CSR Network, with the support from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (UKFCO) through its Prosperity Fund. Guided by the principle that “businesses must work against corruption in all forms, including extortion and bribery” (UNGC’s 10th Principle), the Working Group has the objective of promoting and achieving the highest standard of integrity in the region, moving towards a corruption-free ASEAN community. The Working Group was established in September 2014 on the occasion of the Integrity Summit in Manila, Philippines, and currently comprises 7 members from 6 ASEAN countries who have strongly committed to fight against corruption through collective action on advocacy and capacity building.

Visit the for more information on the Integrity Has No Borders campaign and the Working Group. The website is also a one-stop place for updates on the progress of business integrity efforts across ASEAN, collecting news from the region, providing helpful resources and informing visitors of upcoming events of interest